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Companionship care

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Combating loneliness across Croydon

Having dedicated many years to the industry, we appreciate that our job is more than just physical care duties and help around the home. For many of our service users, it's a conversation, a friendly face, and the reassurance that they're not on their own. 

Feelings of loneliness and isolation can have an immense impact on a person's wellbeing, not to mention additional stress on family members and friends who wish they could visit more. Through companion care GA Professional Healthcare Ltd works to tackle these feelings and alleviate the pressure on loved ones. 

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What does this mean for our clients? 

  • Someone to share stories and experiences with, talk about worldly events and engage in general chit-chat 

  • A friendly face that our clients can confide in and share worries 

  • Accompaniment to social events and daily activities, such as visits to the shops and appointments 

  • Entertainment and mental stimulation, such as watching TV, cooking together and playing games 

  • General health checks, keeping communication flowing about any issues our service users in Croydon are experiencing 

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We'll listen to what you have to say

Our clients deserve to be seen and heard. Companionship care allows us to elevate the voices of our service users, not to mention learn more about their fascinating lives and the people they are.  

Promoting wellbeing 

Loneliness is a leading attributor to a multitude of mental health problems. Consistent, regular  check-ins with our carers can combat these feelings and promote the mental and physical health of our service users across Croydon. 

Valuable relationships 

Whilst promoting wellbeing for our clients, companionship care can enhance the relationship between service users and their carers, creating bonds based on trust and respect. This makes our care work all the more worthwhile.

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