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Home care plans for clients across Croydon

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The assistance you require in the comfort of your home 

Moving house can be extremely stressful, demanding and costly, especially if you're relocating due to medical or general care needs. We want to save our clients the hassle with our flexible home care solutions. 

We travel across Croydon and the surrounding areas to reach our service users, offering the professional care solutions they'd expect without making the switch to a full-time care facility. If general house duties have become difficult or you have complex health needs, GA Professional Healthcare Ltd can give you additional options to enhance your day to day.

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Just some of the many benefits of home care

  • Allows our clients to remain in the homes they know and love 

  • Flexible solutions that can be individually tailored to the client 

  • Suits those with standard care requirements

  • Ensures individuals can continue living life how they wish, keeping their same appointments, community and routine 

  • One-to-one care from our experienced healthcare assistants 

  • Lower cost than hiring a room within a care facility 

  • Ease of pressure in selling the home and organising possessions 

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Keep your independence

Promoting your lifestyle and dignity is important to us. That's why we're advocates for home care across Croydon, offering you the support to continue living the life you love. 

Person centred care

Whilst most care facilities provide exceptional solutions, our home care solutions mean 1-1 support, allowing us to dedicate our resource to one individual at a time. 

Maintain your relationships

Relocating can mean bidding farewell to those you've become close to. Staying within your home means nothing changes, just the level of care you receive to enhance your life.

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